Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Task 1 August

Task 1 August
First audio file - Megacities (Link Megacities )

How can big cities deal with the problem of transport?

Sentence  True or false? 

1.  Sue Shaw is an expert on how to protect the environment.  ----T
2.  Masako Ito lives in Tokyo. -----T
3.  Today the Tokyo Bay Area has a population of 18 million.-----F 
4.  New roads hav e solved Tokyo’s transport problems. -----F
5.  There are high charges f or cars  to use the city’s expressways.-----T 
6.  Tra vel by car  is f aster than tra vel by rail. ----F
7.  Tokyo’s transport inf rastructure is a usef ul model f or  developing countr ies.------F 
8.  Cities in developing countr ies should not rely on cars  to solv e their transport 
problems. -----T
­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Second audio file - Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Link Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
Sentence  True or false? 

1. The reason that she attended the conference is because she wanted to cure a phobia she has
about flying. ____F
2. The trainer feels that the conference she attended has made a large difference to her life. ____F
3. She says that some people at the conferencebenefited from NLP by being cured of their ____T
phobias. ____T
4. She has been able to apply what she learned to her professional life. ____T
5. She became bored and distracted on the coursewhen listening to stories for 2 hours.____F
6. She feels the effectiveness of NLP depends on the person receiving the counselling. ____T
7. She is now more convinced of the benefits of NLP after having attended the conference.____T

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Business terms

Business  terms

  Assets - We are sure about the amount of the assets of this company.

  Business – The business of the company is to sell tecnology equipment

  Business to Business (B2B) – Our primary distribution channel is
Business to Business

  Contract – The contract it´s ready to be signed

  Depreciation – In Chile we have two diferent ways to applicate  this concept

• Entrepreneur – Today is more easy To be Entrepreneur  than before but risky

  Expense – The amount of the Expense is significant

  Finance – In this company , finance department is very important

  Fixed Cost – We have to reduce our  fixed costs

 Industry – This company is insert in the information tecnology industry

  Liabilities – How much are the Liabilities of the company?

  Marketing – The company have to change all the marketing proccess for the new product

  Payback Period – The Payback Period of the new project isn´t clear yet
  Product – Kapsch´s new product was the winner of the tender

  Profit Margin – The Profit Margin is not enough

  Return on Investment (ROI) – The Return on Investment for the new project must be over the 20 percent if it will be approved

  Sales Prospect – We are looking for news sales prospect

  Supplier – Our Supplier have many problem to send the order

  Target Market – The yuong people is the Target Market of the jeans companies

  Variable Cost – We have to reduce our Variable Cost

Thursday, 26 June 2014



Activities during the week included: work on the manual validation process images, review and compilation of statistics, preparation of monthly report validation process images for the company Americo Vespucci Norte, audit process transactions, coordination meeting on manual validation parameters image


Proceeds from the meeting held in the week valdaciĆ³n manual review of images, review of improvements in application manual is prepared valiadacion Image

Review of improvements APP manual validation images, revison meeting of manual validation of pictures in charge of billing process of AVN

Meeting App coordiancion improvement in manual validation of images, preparation of weekly report manual validation process

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Task 3 May - Kapsch New Product

Think of a new product or service that your company can offer
The new product will be a service of measurement and control speed on

> Describe how it works
It will work using the devices installed on the porches located in the highway, through the monitoring system will measure how fast a car is moving to pass under this

> Describe the benefits
the benefits of this system are the ability to maintain a speed control on the highway, warning users of the speed at passing, creating photographic support fines for violators

> See costs
The costs associated with the service are given in the development of system management program, since the infrastructure is already available

> Explain why Kapsch must develop
This system would position Kapsch as a company that provides a service of the public good, helping to reduce the number of fatalities in car accidents and reducing enl number of cops on the highways.


Task 2 May

Firts part (VERB + -ing ):

Postpone         - I had been postpone  this decition for a long time
Imagine           - Many changes begins imagining the result
finish               - You have to finish the report
give up            - Don´t give up , because you have friends
imagine           - Try to imagine the options
involve            - The solution to this problem involve a large analysis    
keep                - They are traying to keep the hope
allow - Please allow the dogs to come inside the building
suggest - All them suggest to me the same solution
delay - I´m with a long delay 

Second Part (VERB + to + infinitive)

Ask                 - She ask to stay in this place for a few moments
choose             - We choose to try again 
decide             - They decide to travel by sea
forget              - Don´t forget to tell her how to do it
help                 - Can i help you to study 
learn                - We learn to build a sentence  
manage           - They are trying to manage the situation, but is not easy 
pretend           - Don´t you pretend  to ignore the result of your behavior  
promise           - I promise to tell the true 
forget              - I forget to call for the reservation

Third  part (VERB + object + to +inf.)

force - The police had to use force to evict them
invite - She invite me to the party
permit - Is not permit to talk about it
persuade - I   persuade  her to  try again 
recommend - The doctor recommend to  
remind - I cant remind the number
teach - He teach how to play the guitar 
tell - Tell them how to start to paly
want - I want to start this speech by thanking the attendees for their
would like - I would like to taste it